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This Time

Second time’s the charm! With a couple of decades, many guitars, and a chance reunion, Andy Vogan (guitar, vocals) and Sean Gazeley (guitar, lead vocals) formed “This Time” in the fall of 2016. Lifelong friends and musical collaborators, they cut their teeth performing thousands of live shows together, writing songs and developing a style unique to their outlook on life. The band calls Kingston, Ontario home and this is where the creative juices started flowing again, reigniting their love of music and melody in a truly Canadian way! In the two years following the formation of their collaboration, they tossed into the mix three extraordinarily talented and diverse musicians, Rick Moniz (drums), Colin Bowe (lead guitar and keys) and Scot Mulligan (bass), with an equal passion for original music to complete their lineup. With the help of a super cool “genius” recording engineer at the most “HIP” studio in Bath, Ontario, they put it all together in an atmosphere that has already produced many great Canadian bands. In 2018 they recorded and released their first studio album, “One” and now “This Time” is releasing their second studio album, “Two”, created in a live, off the floor approach that has capture the fun and energetic style of their music.


Sean Gazeley

Singer, songwriter, shy perfectionist. Sean grew up in a music filled household and is admittedly “always singing”. Lifelong friend and performing partner with Shaggy and the band Sean tries to craft lyrics and melodies that are unique and fulfilling hoping only that someone will take the time to truly listen. Sean has a passion for music that surpasses most, always looking for that “lick” or “lyric” that will blow you away. He is the glue that keeps This Time together and focused on creating awesome tunes that will stand the test of time.

Andy Vogan (Shaggy)

Singer, songster, friend, joker, heart. Andy makes the world a bright place. His smile and laughter is infectious and brings a room together instantly. Shag is very long in the music groove and his influences span decades. You can hear it in his familiar beats and grooves. He loves the garage band / punk / 80’s new-wave feel and regardless of where the band pushes the songs his unique flair is always pushing back to the bits of youth that shaped his sound.


Colin Bowe

Affectionate, kind, sensitive…..ladies take note. Colin is well versed in a myriad of instruments and will be the last one to record something because “I think I can do it just a bit better”. Such a wonderful addition to any musical adventure Colin makes it his 200% purpose to see that everything is perfect! Darn the gluten in the cheese slice but Colin is a prolific ninja cheese slice marksman nonetheless! You have been made aware!!!

Rick Moniz

Secretively gentle and outwardly kind Rick is a creative drummer, musical artist, culinary artist and one heck of a late-night BBQ artist. Rick is the punch and the accents to all the songs This Time has had the pleasure to record. He is a Kingston lad with a prolific musical background in both production and stage performances. Rick is a friend first and foremost - kinda like sleeping in the bosom of a Wookie. Rick has perfect musical timing and impeccable intuition. Rick is not only the rhythm section for the band but is a key ingredient to the process and someone that will push all the right buttons…. gently but with purpose.


Scot Mulligan

Scot is the ultimate Canadian Bass player. He’s there to provide the necessary notes and or impromptu physical outlet for any long winter practice session. Scot has an infectious personality, incurable smile and a gentle style that is witty, wise and musically perfect! Proficient at opening copious amount of Pepsi and sprawling pocket rhythm section pieces as well as being a volume of musical knowledge. We are so happy and proud to re-introduce and resurrect this fantastic musical talent back into the Kingston music scene.